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Welcome to my journal!

Most of my stuff here is related to fandom, very amateur fractal art, or DnD. Most of my DnD stuff is behind a filter, so if you want to read it, comment to be added to said filter.

My fanfic stuff can be found with the fanfic tag, but some of it is locked and a lot of it isn't posted at all. (I'm shy about my writing.) My DnD stuff is all under the dungeoneering tag.

My current games:

Coast of Strife
This is my long-term campaign. I'm running it with some friends up north, so it's on hiatus for the summer. It started off with a simple plot: "Your boat has sunk, and your rescuers dropped you off in the port city of Talas. What do you want to do?" I'm trying to make it at least slightly free-form. I'm a little behind on the plot-posts, but I'll get to it eventually.

It's also my first campaign. It's certainly been a learning experience.

Battle of Whitecaps
My summer campaign. It's set in the same setting as Coast of Strife, although it's on a different part of the continent. This one is with some of my high school friends, who haven't really played before, so it's a bit crackier than my other game. (Our druid's animal companion is a crocodile named Sir Bites-a-Lot.)

This one is much less free-form than the other one. I started them off as cannon-fodder in a battle against pirates. Now they've moved on to being bounty hunters.

Wow, I haven't been here for a while...
I've mostly been on tumblr. I kind of want to get back into blogging here. ("Back into" might be the wrong term, since I wasn't very active in the first place, but...)

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My LJ is a bit like my relationship with my mother...
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... in that I occasionally am obligated to mention that I'm not dead. (If I don't see people around, I tend to forget that they exist and have lives of their own. It frustrates my more social-minded relatives to no end.)

I'm still alive. College has started up again, leaving me busy and tired.

I have a tumblr now. I'm still sort of figuring out how it works and what to do with it. I've been posting my semirandom city experiment stuff there, though I keep getting distracted and forgetting to do it. It's tagged. (I spelled the tag wrong and don't know how to fix it!)

I'm currently reading a book called "The Rook" by Daniel O'Malley. From a "is this book enjoyable?" standpoint, it's fantastic. The protagonist is fun to read, and is dealing with all sorts of interesting problems in a competent way. I am intrigued by the plot and the writing style is engaging. The female protagonist has supernatural powers and a mysterious past, and spends most of her time being pretty badass.

That said, I'm having a lot of difficulty taking off my social issue analysis goggles while reading. I'm paranoid about how the rest of the book will treat the fact that the protagonist is female, though it's done pretty well so far. And while I'm enjoying the book as a whole, the way it occasionally acts like gender=sex is jarring. It has jokes (two so far in 144 pages, so it's not an overwhelming issue) along the lines of "this room was clearly decorated by someone with a Y chromosome," and they're incredibly frustrating. I just want to yell at the book "you should know better!"

Very little else of note is happening that I can think of. I'm not dead!

Semi-random City Expiriment, Part 2
Day Two of this.

So. Location 5 on the map is the building for the city's Ministry of Trade and Shipping. (It's a river city of about 170,000 people*. Let's say about half the residents are directly or indirectly connected to creating/exporting goods, and that it takes, on average, 3 people two days to create a widget. This city would be exporting almost 15,000 units of whatever a day. In addition, it is undoubtedly importing things, as well. It has to have a Ministry of Trade and Shipping.)

*8-9 square miles of city. Population density of about 20,000 people per square mile. Population: 170,000.

The Ministry of Trade and Shipping is subordinate to the actual Ministry of Trade and Shipping for the nation, and is overseen by Urraca em Eanes. (Both names are Portugese. The "em" is Portugese for "with," which is a signifier that she is supposed to have a divine ancestor somewhere. People without a documented divine have "sem" --"without"--- as part of their names.I'm still not sure how they'd verify this sort of thing; it seems really likely that, historically, the "em" would be an indication of the strength of arms necessary to defend such a claim as much as anything. [aka, "you don't believe me? Fine, I'll kill you. Anyone else want to argue with me?"] I'm starting to think that this could be a rather unpleasant society.)

The Ministry itself sits on a hill that overlooks the river. It's a three-story wooden building, painted blue. Minister Eanes can see the docks from her office. Many of the surrounding buildings belong to merchants who have cause to visit the Ministry often, and want to be close by.

Edit (12-2-2012): This was originally at location 6, but I decided that 5 was better.

The Semi-random City Expiriment
Some people may remember my previous posts about ContextFree. I have found yet another way to have fun with it.

I was just messing around making pretty pictures when I realized that some of the pictures vaguely resembled city maps.

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I need to stop finding new projects.

Book: "The Warrior Queens"
owl, book, reading
I recently realized that my college library actually, wonder of wonders, has books in it. It took me two and half years, but I'm trying to make up for lost time.

The book I'm currently reading is "The Warrior Queens" by Antonia Fraser.Collapse )

The squirrels are creeping me out, man
bad day, hiding
I had two unsettling encounters with our campus squirrels today.

The first was right after class. A gray squirrel was walking slowly near a line of shrubbery.

I'm struggling for a way to say this that won't sound completely mad, but it was moving wrong. Most of the time, squirrels are like springs. They push foward with their back legs in order to hop. Occasionally they'll move their legs in an alternating pattern, if they're sniffing the ground. In those cases, they will move very, very slowly.

This squirrel was moving with the alternate legs, much like a cat might if its joints were sideways. It was moving --not swiftly, but at a decent pace. It wasn't sniffing anything. It was very predatory.

The second encounter was, once again, a gray squirrel. (If these were red, I wouldn't be nearly as surprised. But grays are the nice ones!) This time, the gray squirrel was sitting next to the sidewalk, clutching a dead bird. When I got closer, it ran behind the tree, but it was definitely eating the bird. As the wikipedia article linked above states, this is not a normal diet for gray squirrels!


Guys, I'm a little scared that I'll get attacked by a furry gray mob when I step out the door tomorrow.

Back from hiatus! Also, meme.

I have a nagging feeling that I have things I meant to post about, but I can't remember what they were right now. So right now you get an announcement about me being back in civilization. (Yay, consistent internet access!)

Well, technically, I've been in civilization for about a week, but it didn't feel real until I got back into dorms, so here's the official announcement.

By the by, I have a few days in between now and when classes start and if I don't find something as a distraction I will likely start wallowing in angst, so here's a meme:

Ask me anything. It can be a question or a prompt for fic or whatever, and I shall attempt to respond with at least 100 words. Once I've responded, feel free to ask again until I close the meme.

Alternately, tell me anything. What's happening with you that I've missed, or that you just want to talk about? (This one has no limits and doesn't end when the meme closes.)

I've recently learned that lack of social interaction fucks up my head in a nasty way. Please don't send me back to classes as a raging nutcase. :)


Gone like yesterday (cause it's just past midnight)
I've noticed that it is customary to alert one's friends-list when one will be away from the internet for some time.

I am visiting relatives for several weeks, starting the morning of the third. I should have access again by August 26th (or possibly the 19th). However, in that time, it is very unlikely I will be posting here or commenting. (In other words, you won't notice a thing.)


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State of the Lizard
Since I haven't posted anything in a while...

I'm watching my little sister this week, since Mom and Dad are both gone. This seems like a good time to point out that I don't like children and never have. My reaction to babies is "Oh. Hi, wrinkled, funny-smelling thing. please don't ask me to hold it please don't ask me to hold it..." So this week's been rather interesting. (She's also more stubborn, demanding and angsty at five than I ever was, and that's not just my bad memory talking.)

I have concluded that the following actions are conductive to maintaining my sanity:
- Choose your battles. If you let her have an extra popsicle, it means she's more likely to listen when you're telling her to go to bed.
- Bribery is a beautiful thing. Mainly in the form of popsicles, but I've also been letting her have her pacifier (Dad's been trying to wean her off of it) and we might go to a park sometime this weekend.
- Don't get annoyed when she doesn't like your cooking. This is the child who, when she was younger, didn't like chocolate. She clearly has no sense of taste.
- There's no such thing as too many movies or too many video games.
- Stop panicking every time the house goes quiet. There's only so much damage she can actually do in five minutes.
- Just keep singing. She likes it and it calms your nerves.

So yeah. I've been watching her since Sunday afternoon.


Before that I got to go to a nearby SCA event. That was really fun and I got to see some people I know. That's actually what the tunic project was for. That turned out okay, so I'll post the last bit on that when I get the chance. (It turned out really pink, but I'm okay with that.)

I didn't get to fight (still not authorized and my armor's not done), but I did practice juggling (I'm getting better!) and listen to the bardic circle. I picked up a new favorite song, even! I also loitered around the combat field hoping to listen to other people getting advice, and learned some helpful stuff about fighting taller opponents. (Which is good, since that describes almost everyone I fight.)


Last night I made stir-fried vegetables. My friends decided to visit around 9 o'clock and ask for food. I'd been wanting to try making stir-fry anyway, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

I used frozen brocoli, carrots and peppers and non-frozen potatoes, half and onion and some green beans from our garden. For spices I used garlic, pepper, teriyaki sauce and lemon juice. (The lemon juice was suggested by the girl playing Donnybrook in my summer campaign, if you were wondering.) I also added 4 eggs.

It turned out pretty well. I haven't successfully made stir-fry before, so the fact that it was even edible was a pleasant surprise. And it was tasty, too!


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